Digital Banking Frequently Asked Questions


I need help with ACH Returns and Customer Disputes within Autobooks.

We suggest directly contacting Autobooks Customer Support Center, but here is some info about ACH Returns and Customer Disputes.

What are the transaction fees associated with Autobooks?

You can find that information here on Autobooks's website:

Can my business’ QuickBooks information be imported into Autobooks?

Yes, customer lists that can be exported out of QuickBooks and imported into Autobooks.

How is this different from QuickBooks?

Autobooks is accessed through Ixonia Bank Business Mobile and Online Banking, so there is no need for multiple logins. Additionally, Autobooks is designed with small business owners in mind, not accountants, so it is streamlined to help you better manage your business cash flow, receivables, payables – all in a fully-integrated accounting tool.

Do I have to download any software to use Autobooks?

No, there is no need to download any kind of software. Autobooks is completely integrated in Ixonia Bank Business Mobile and Online Banking.

How quickly will the funds from the payments be available for use?

Funds are generally available 2-3 business days after the payment is initiated.

How much does Autobooks cost?

Autobooks is complimentary to Ixonia Bank clients. For a $9.99 monthly fee, you can access Accounting and Reporting capabilities right in your Autobooks account. Features include: View and categorize your bank account transactions to track expenses, sync additional account transactions to access all your business expenses in one place, a budgeting tool to keep spending on track, robust financial reports that can be exported and shared as needed or for tax time.

What are the benefits of using Autobooks?

Autobooks is a complete set of financial tools that can be accessed within Ixonia Bank Business Mobile and Online Banking allowing businesses to manage their accounts and billing all in one place. With Autobooks you can:

  •  Create professional electronic and physical invoices in seconds.
  •  Accept payments by credit card, debit card and ACH transfer.
  •  Track customer payments and accounts receivable.
  •  Generate reports like balance sheets, income statements and customer aging reports with the click of a button.

Who is Autobooks for?

Autobooks is intended for business clients age 18 years and older who have a checking account and use Ixonia Bank Business Mobile and Online Banking. The following types of businesses make a great fit for Autobooks:

  • Any business that sends invoices for its product or service or needs an accounting and cash flow management platform.
  • Service-based businesses such as landscapers, plumbers, electricians, consultants and others.
  • Entrepreneurs or individuals with side hustle-type jobs such as babysitting, freelancing, tutoring, photography, etc.
  • Nonprofit organizations seeking to collect donations online.

What is Autobooks?

Autobooks is a payments and accounting product suite designed for small and micro-businesses available with Ixonia Bank Business Mobile and Online Banking. The solution bundles essential back-office tools into a single, easy to use interface that includes invoicing, payments and accounting.

Online Banking

I am still having problems with Online Banking. Who can assist me?

If you still encounter problems, please call your local Ixonia Bank branch or contact the Online Banking Support Team at 920-206-4357.

Can I access my business accounts through Online Banking?

Due to authorization issues regarding business account(s), Online Banking cannot be used to access business accounts; however, for our business customers we do offer Business Online Banking. Learn more about the convenience of Business Online Banking.

Can I change my Online Banking password whenever I want? How about my Username?

If you are logged on to Online Banking, you can change your password by clicking "Self Service" in the top menu. Once you click on it, select "Self Administration," where you will see an option to change your password. Enter your current password, your new password (must contain 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number, 1 of the following special characters ! @ # $ % ^ & * , . < > and must be 8 to 64 characters in length) and click on the "Update Password" button. Once you have reset your password, you will receive an email confirmation from Ixonia Bank. You will then be able to use your new password on your next session. To change your Username, please call our Customer Solutions Department at 920-262-6952 or 262-567-5295. Username may not exceed 19 characters in length and may contain numbers and/or letters. Note: Joint account holders cannot use the same Username to access their Ixonia Bank accounts, even if they set up different passwords. When the second signer attempts to log on for the first time, they will be prompted to change their Username at the same time as they are asked to change their password.

When I make a transfer to my loan, is it applied to principal only or toward my next interest and principal payment?

All transfers to loan accounts through Online Banking are applied to your current billed payment (interest, principal and escrow). Currently, principal-only payments to your loan are not available. If you would like to make a principal-only payment, please contact our Loan Processing Department at 920-262-6940. Ixonia Bank offers automatic loan payments. If you would like to set an automatic loan payment from your Ixonia Bank Checking or Savings account (or from another financial institution), please contact your lender or our Loan Processing department at 920-262-6940.

Can I do advances on my Ixonia Bank Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)?

Yes. You can easily do advances within Online Banking, either on the computer or on your mobile phone. First, log into Online Banking or Mobile Banking, then in "Transfer From" select your HELOC account.  In "Transfer To," select the desired account, enter the Transfer Amount and then follow the simple instructions to complete the transaction. Normal Online Banking cut-off times apply and Message and Data rates may apply.

Can I pay my bills with Online Banking?

Yes. To make payments from your Ixonia Bank Checking or Savings account towards any loans you have with Ixonia Bank, you can use Online Banking. Please read the transfers section of the Online Banking Users Manual. To pay bills to third parties (i.e. utilities, insurance), you can use our free Online Bill Pay solution. Learn more about Bill Pay.

Can I view my Ixonia Bank credit card information on Online Banking?

Like most financial institutions, Ixonia Bank’s credit cards are processed by a third party. If you currently have and Elan Visa Consumer or Business Credit Card, please click here to visit the Elan Online Account Access page. Don't have an Ixonia Bank Credit Card? Click here to learn more and to apply.

When is the Online Banking daily cut-off?

Transactions made Monday through Friday before 6:00pm CST will be applied during the current business day. Transactions made Monday through Friday after 6:00pm CST, on weekends, and Federal Holidays will be applied on the following business day.

Is Online Banking private and secure?

Online Banking provides a private and secure environment in which to conduct banking transactions. Complete privacy, controlled through encryption and passwords, ensures only authorized access to our accounts. For your protection, every 180 days you will be prompted to change your password. In addition, every time you use Online Banking, the communications will be encrypted. Encryption is a technique that scrambles the information you send to us, and we unscramble it upon receipt. This provides a very high level of protection so no one else can learn anything about your relationship with Ixonia Bank, or the account information that we make available to you. Learn more about the additional layers of security Ixonia Bank employs in Online Banking.

Does Online Banking work with Quicken?

Online Banking allows for exporting transaction information for use with personal finance applications, such as Intuits Quicken, Microsoft Money, Windows Clipboard or Quickbooks.

What will I need to get started?

You will need a computer with Internet access. For your Internet browser you will need either Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox Version 44 (or higher), Google Chrome Version 44 (or higher), Apple Safari Version 9 (or higher), Opera Version 30 (or higher), and any version of Microsoft Edge.

How do I get started with Online Banking?

First-time users of Ixonia Bank's Online Banking will need to contact a Customer Service Representative to receive a PIN. Once you have received your PIN, go to the Ixonia Bank website, find the red button at top right of the page to Log In, select "Personal" and click on "Enroll Now" link at bottom of box.  You will need to choose an account type, enter your PIN and verify your personal information. You will then personalize your username and password, and set up challenge questions. Once you have reset your password, you will receive an email confirmation from Ixonia Bank.

What can I do with Online Banking?

You can access your Ixonia Bank account information including Checking Account Inquiry, Overdraft Protection Account Inquiry, Savings Account Inquiry, Certificate of Deposit Account Inquiry, and Loan Account Inquiry. You can conveniently and securely review account transaction activity, and transfer funds between your Ixonia Bank accounts any time.

Mobile Banking

How do I stop using Mobile Banking on my phone?

To stop using Mobile Banking on your mobile device, log into Online Banking, select "Profile," and next to Mobile Banking click "Manage Devices." Select "Stop using this device for Mobile Banking" in the drop down box and click "Go."

What if my phone number changes?

If your mobile phone number changes, simply update your mobile phone number online using Online Banking. Log into Online Banking, select "Profile," and next to Mobile Banking click "Manage Devices." Select "Change my phone number" in the drop down box and click "Go."

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, no one can access your account without knowing your password and, in some cases, your unique username. To prevent unauthorized access to your account, you can deactivate your phone online using Online Banking. To deactivate your mobile device, log into Online Banking from a computer, select "Profile," and next to Mobile Banking click "Manage Devices." Select "Stop using this device for Mobile Banking" in the drop down box and click "Go."

Can I add more than one mobile phone?

Yes. You can enroll several mobile devices for Mobile Banking. To add a new phone, use Online Banking and complete the "Add New Phone" section.

Where can I find all of the text commands for text banking?

Text HELP to 96924.

What password do I use for Mobile Banking with my smartphone?

Your password for Mobile Banking will be the same password you use for Ixonia Bank Online Banking. For your protection, every 90 days you will be prompted to change your password.

I have a prepaid plan, can I use Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking works with most prepaid plans, but we cannot guarantee that your carrier supports standard US short codes. T-Mobile prepaid does not support short codes.

Which mobile service carriers support Mobile Banking?

Our participating carriers include all major mobile service carriers in the US, including: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile®, U.S. Cellular®, and Verizon Wireless. Mobile Banking also works on a number of the smaller service carriers, including (but not limited to): Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Metro PCS, Pioneer Cellular, Union Wireless, and Virgin Mobile USA.

Which phones can I use for Mobile Banking?

  • Mobile Banking: Hundreds of models are supported including these major brands: iPhone®, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Pantech, Samsung, Sanyo, and Sony Ericsson. Phones on a number of different operating systems are supported including (but not limited to): AndroidTM, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux, Palm webOS, and Maemo.
  • Mobile Deposit: iPhone® and AndroidTM Apps only.
For functionality and security reasons, we suggest that you're running the most up-to-date software for your mobile device.

Is my personal or financial information stored on my phone?

No. Mobile Banking does not save any files with personal or financial information on your mobile device. That information stays strictly within Online Banking. Some phones (ex. Android) have logo and branding files that are copied to the mobile device. Those files do not contain any personally identifiable information.

How much can I deposit through Ixonia Bank Mobile Deposit?

Our current daily deposit limit is $10,000 per day. Our current per check limit is $10,000.

When will my funds be available after I make a Mobile Deposit?

For deposits received and accepted before 6:00pm Central Time on a business day that we are open, we will consider that day to be the day of your deposit. Funds from your deposit generally will be available to you on the first business day after the day we receive your deposit. Please note: all deposits are subject to verification and can be adjusted upon review. Please keep your paper check until the expiration of the Retention Period.

What types of checks can I deposit with Mobile Deposit?

You can deposit checks payable in U.S. dollars and drawn at any U.S. bank, including personal, business, and government checks. They must also be payable to, and endorsed by the account holder. Checks must contain a readable check number, payee name, and endorsement. Checks must contain a readable MICR line at the bottom of the check. Checks must contain a readable character (numeric) amount of the check and legal amount. Checks must be drawn on an institution located within the U.S. We cannot accept checks payable to others or made payable to a business, traveler’s cheques, U.S. savings bonds, money orders, remotely created checks (whether in paper form or electronically created), convenience checks (checks drawn against a line of credit), checks or returned checks that are postdated or stale dated (more than 6 months old), or cash. See our Mobile Banking Terms & Conditions for more information.

What are the Check Retention and Destruction Guidelines for Mobile Banking?

  • Check Retention Guidelines: Mobile Deposit users should retain the original paper items for a period of thirty (30) calendar days after they have been posted to the account (“Retention Period”). This provides sufficient time for research in case there is an issue with the image quality or if the original item is required for any other reason. During this time, the paper items should be stored in a secure place. After the retention period, the original paper items should be destroyed to ensure they are not accidentally deposited again (refer to the Check Destruction Guidelines, below).
  • Check Destruction Guidelines: Mobile Deposit users are required to securely and irretrievably destroy the original paper items, after the retention period. A cross-cut or diamond shredder will assist in complete destruction of the check information. Do not leave deposited items lying around and do not put deposited items in trash or recycling containers unless they have been shredded first.

How does Mobile Deposit work?

Log on to your Ixonia Bank Mobile app then follow these simple steps:

  1. Endorse the back of the check and write “For Mobile Deposit Only, Ixonia Bank account #_________.”
  2. Select "Deposit" from the menu bar.  Select "Deposit A Check."
  3. Select the account where you want to deposit your check and enter the check amount.
  4. Select "Take Photos." Ixonia Bank will need access to your camera.
  5. Take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check with your mobile device. For photos that work best, follow these guidelines:
    • Position your camera directly over the check (not at an angle).
    • Move any objects that show up in the picture away from the check.
    • Make sure the check is visible, contains all 4 corners, is well lit, and in focus Mobile Deposit
  6. Select "Use" or "Retake" for both sides.
  7. You are given the option to "Edit" or "Make Deposit."
  8. Once you click "Make Deposit," you will receive a confirmation on your phone that your deposit is being processed.
  9. Securely store your check for at least thirty (30) days, and then destroy after the retention period. See the Check Retention and Check Destruction Guidelines.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes. Mobile Banking employs industry-best practices with regards to security. It has been assessed against industry security criteria by a number of independent system security experts.

What are the costs?

  • Mobile Banking: Ixonia Bank does not charge a fee for this service.
  • Mobile Deposit: No fee charged by Ixonia Bank.
  • Message and data rates may apply. Contact your mobile phone service provider for more details.

Online Bill Pay | Account to Account Transfers

Is there a fee for Account to Account Tranfers?

No fees are assessed for account to account transfer transactions.

Why is my reminder removed when I schedule a repeating transfer?

When you schedule a repeating transfer for the same To and From accounts as an existing reminder you've set up, the reminder is removed. If email notification options are available when you set up the repeating transfer, you can select those options to receive email about your transfer.

What is a repeating transfer?

The automatic transfer of a specified amount of money from one account to another based on a schedule that you set up. For example, you may want to set up a repeating transfer schedule to automatically transfer $500 from your checking account to your money market account at the end of each month. You need to make three decisions that determine the frequency and duration of the transfers: When do you want to schedule the first transfer? How often do you want to transfer the money? When do you want to stop scheduling the transfers? When you set up a transfer schedule, the transfers are automatically scheduled for the duration you choose or until you cancel the repeating transfer.

What should I do if I transfer money to the wrong account?

If the transfer has not been processed, cancel the transfer. Once the transfer is canceled, schedule a new transfer to the correct account. If you've transferred the wrong amount, you can cancel the transfer if it has not been processed and reschedule it with the correct amount. If you have a problem with a transfer that has been processed, you can send us a transfer inquiry from the Transfer Detail page. Our customer service will attempt to resolve the problem on your behalf.

What are account transfer limits and how are they set?

Limits for how much money you can transfer between accounts are established based on information you provided during enrollment. If you try to transfer an amount that is higher than your limits, a message informs you how much money you can transfer. Your transfer limits are shown in the Make a Transfer section next to the amount you want to transfer.

How long does it take to process an account transfer?

The Transfer Date is the date that the money is withdrawn from the From account. Transfers are typically deposited in your To account on the transfer date. Transfers may be delayed 3 business days depending on the transfer amount or 5 business days depending on the selected From account. Your transfer limits are determined based on information we received from the consumer credit reporting agency that verified your information when you enrolled. The calendar shows the earliest available date you can make a transfer.

Can I transfer money between accounts?

Yes. If you've added more than one account in Online Bill Pay, you can easily transfer money between the accounts. Go to Transfer Money and select the option to transfer money.

What are Account to Account Transfers?

Easily transfer money between your accounts, including your accounts at other financial institutions. Transfer funds from there. You can move money between your accounts with Ixonia Bank, and your accounts at other financial institutions. Quick and easy. Once your external accounts are set up in the system, just select them the same way you would select accounts with us. Fully secure. Your transfers move over completely secure electronic networks, making it the most secure way to transfer funds.

When will funds be available in my account?

Your funds will be available as early as one business day from the date you provide your Eligible Transaction Account information. You will receive a confirmation email when the credit is sent to your bank account with the date the funds will be in your account. Please check your financial institution's policy on fund availability.

Do I pay a fee if my request is not paid?

No. No fee will be charged if the request is not paid.

What are the different ways I can request money from someone?

You can request money from someone using their: Name and email address: Your contact will receive an email with instructions on how to pay the request. Name and mobile number: A text message will be sent to the recipient on your behalf with instructions on how to pay the request.

What type of accounts can I use to send the payment to?

Payment can be directed to a checking, savings, or money market account held at a U.S. financial institution.

When will the funds be available in the recipient's account?

Funds may be available in the recipient's checking or savings account as early as one business day from the date they accept the funds. The recipient will receive a confirmation email with the date the funds will be in their account.

Is there a fee for Business Online Bill Pay?

A $5.00 fee will be charged to each Online Bill Pay enabled account for each monthly cycle (based on your enrollment date) in which you do not initiate a payment through Online Bill Pay. The $5.00 fee will be waived for each monthly cycle during which you initiate at least one payment through Online Bill Pay. Applicable fees will be disclosed in the user interface for, or elsewhere within, the Ixonia Bank Bill Pay product.

How do I sign up my business for Online Bill Pay?

Please contact Customer Solutions / Deposit Operations to sign your business up for Online Bill Pay.  You can reach them at 262-567-5295 or 920-262-6952 or

What if my scheduled payment date falls on a weekend or holiday?

You will have the option to have the payment processed prior to weekends and holidays.

When is the Online Bill Pay daily cut-off?

The daily Bill Pay cut-off time is currently Monday through Friday before 9:00pm CST.

Is there a fee to use Online Bill Pay?

There is no monthly charge to use Online Bill Pay; however, any applicable fees will be disclosed in the user interface for, or elsewhere within, the Ixonia Bank Bill Pay product.

How does Online Bill Pay work?

To pay your bills online, simply add the companies and people you want to pay. We use this information to make the payments for your bills. After you add your bills, you can go to the Payment Center. The "Send Money" section lists all of the bills you've added. To pay a bill, enter a payment amount and the date you want the company or person to receive your payment. You can also select this date from the calendar. Pay as many bills as you want at the same time from the Payment Center. After you pay a bill, it may move to either the Pending Payments section, or the Recent Payments section of the Payment Center. • Pending Payments: Provide a quick summary of the payments that have not yet been processed. • Recent Payments: Provide a list of bills that have been paid in the past 45 days. You can also find a list of the pending and recent payments for a particular biller in the Activity tab. If you can't find a payment in the Payments section, filter your search with a longer/specific date range which shows all of the bills you paid in the past 84 months, including electronic bills and the bills you pay automatically.


When receiving a reissued or replacement card, will I have to update the card within CardValet?

You must delete the old card by accessing Settings > Manage Portfolio. You can then "add" the new card information to the profile.

What if I have other questions about eStatements?

We would be happy to answer your questions. Just call the Ixonia Bank Customer Solutions Department at 920-262-6952 or 262-567-5295.

Can I cancel eStatements and go back to paper statements?

Yes, you can cancel eStatements and go back to receiving paper statements if you choose. However, your eStatement history will be lost.

Will I still receive year-end tax statements?

Any end-of-year statements will be mailed.

Will my statement reconciliation form (statement back) still be available online?

Yes. It will be included as part of your eStatement.

If I receive eStatements, is there a way to view check images too?

Yes, within Online Banking you can view check images. Go to your transaction history and find the check number for the image you want to view – and click on the blue check number link.

What if I prefer to continue receiving paper statements along with eStatements?

There is not an option to receive eStatements and paper statements at the same time.

How long is my eStatement stored online?

We will retain 16 months of history online from the time you sign up to receive eStatements.

Can I save my eStatements?

Yes. Select the eStatement tab for the account you want to view, and you will see the “Save” icon after each eStatement. You can also save your eStatements on your computer or external hard drive by selecting the “Save” icon next to the eStatement hyperlink.

Can I print my eStatements?

Yes. You can print your eStatement just like you would any other document from your computer. Click on the hyperlink of the eStatement you want to print, and it will bring up a PDF version of the document.

What if my email address changes?

Log in to Ixonia Bank Online Banking and click on the “Profile” tab. You will see an option to edit your Email Address. You can also notify us by calling the Ixonia Bank Customer Solutions Department at 920-262-6952 or 262-567-5295.

What if I did not receive email notification that my statement was available?

You can contact Ixonia Bank Customer Solutions Department at 920-262-6952 or 262-567-5295. A representative may need to verify your email address. Even if you don’t receive an email notification, your eStatement will still be available within Online Banking under the Documents tab.

When I have been notified my eStatement is available, how do I view it?

Log in to Ixonia Bank Online Banking, click on the account you want to view, and then select the "Documents" tab. In Document Search, go to “Document Type” option, and select “Checking Statements”  if you want to view Statements dated 8/2/22 or later. You can then choose the eStatement you wish to view. From the time you sign up, you will have access to a 16-month history of eStatements.

When will I receive eStatement notification?

With eStatements, you will receive your bank statements faster than waiting for mail delivery! As soon as your eStatement is ready, we will notify you via the email you provide. (eStatement notifications are limited to one email address.)

Will I receive eStatements for all my Ixonia Bank accounts?

When you sign up for eStatements, you can choose the accounts for which you want to receive them. Note that some products may not offer eStatements.

Are eStatements secure?

Security is one of the many benefits of eStatements. Ixonia Bank is always concerned about the security of your information and all security precautions have been taken using the latest technology available. Only you can access your statements through the security of Online Banking. eStatements also eliminate the possibility of statements being lost or tampered with in the mail.

How do eStatements work?

After you have enrolled, your eStatements will begin with your next statement cycle. An email will be sent to your designated email address alerting you when your eStatement is available. Then, at your convenience, simply sign in to Online Banking to view your eStatement. To view your eStatements:

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Select account you want to view Statement for
  3. Click on Documents tab
  4. In Document Search, go to “Document Type” option, and select “Checking Statements”  if you want to view Statements dated 8/2/22 or later.

Do I need any special software to view eStatements?

The eStatement will be in what is called a PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and view it. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free via a link on your Online Banking page, or by clicking here.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

Sign in to Ixonia Bank Online Banking and click on the "Profile" button at the top right corner enroll. You must have Ixonia Bank Online Banking to receive eStatements.

What is an eStatement?

An eStatement is an electronic version of your regular paper bank statement. It will look the same as your paper statement and is provided at no cost to you.


Will the balance be updated to include non-debit card transactions?

The balance will be updated to reflect non-debit card transactions. The balance is updated the next time you log into CardValet. You should always refer to Online Banking, Mobile Banking or ATMs for the latest account balances.

Why are Balance Inquiry transactions generated when I log on to the CardValet app?

When you log on to the CardValet application, a Balance Inquiry transaction is performed to retrieve the display the balance. A balance inquiry is performed on every account listed. The application will not initiate more than one balance inquiry within 30 minutes if you press the Refresh button. You should always refer to Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or ATMs for latest account balances.

Does the app show recent transaction history?

Yes, the app shows the 50 most recent debit card-based transactions posted within the past 30 days.

A threshold limit of $50 has been set, but the user can fill gas in some stations for more than $50. Why?

CardValet controls are only invoked during the authorization of a transaction. In some cases, such as Gas Stations, a card may be tested for validity by doing a $1 per-authorization, and the actual transaction amount is charged to the card after the transaction. Some gas stations will do as a pre-authorization for a maximum amount, e.g. $126, and some gas stations will check validating, e.g. $1. In the latter case, the actual transaction amount may exceed the limit, while in the former case, an authorization may be denied.

A threshold limit of $50 has been set but the user can't fill gas in some stations. Why?

There are some merchant types where a merchant will pre-authorize the card for an amount that may be larger than the actual transaction amount. In this instance the pre-authorized amount must meet the threshold spend limit.

If I am traveling, do I still need to inform Ixonia Bank to ensure access to my card?

Yes. Ixonia Bank fraud protection rules are still in place for every transaction looking for fraudulent activity. These rules supersede CardValet settings. Please inform us of travel plans by calling our Customer Solutions Department at 920-262-6952 or 262-567-5295 or stop in at your local branch during business hours.

Are the alerts sent as email or "push" notifications to the device?

CardValet alerts are sent as push notifications to the phone. The alerts also display under "Messages" in the CardValet app.

How long does it take for a control or alert setting to take effect?

Settings take effect as soon as the "Updating information" message in the app stops.

I swiped my card at a local merchant, but was still declined due to the “My Location” or “My Region” control, why?

There are some local merchants that use out of area processors for their card transactions, those transactions may be declined for these types of merchants if the “My Region” or “My Location” controls are active. Please deactivate this control and attempt the purchase again.

What happens if "My Location" is set but the phone is left at home? Will transactions be denied outside the "My Location" area?

CardValet performs a proximity check at the granularity of zip code or city, so if the merchant is close to home then the transactions will still go through.

If "My Location" is set but the primary device is off, will transactions get denied outside of the "My Location" area?

CardValet ignores locations information that is more than one (1) hour old. So if the phone is off for more than an hour My Location controls will not take effect, and the transaction will not be denied on the basis of the old location information.

What exactly is the range of the "My Location" control, and will this control setting impact internet transactions?

The My Locations controls and alerts will check to ensure the merchant location is within a five (5) mile radius of the device set as "primary" within CardValet. These controls impact "card present" transactions only, therefore internet transactions are not impacted.

What is the difference between the “My Location” control and the “My Region” control?

The “My Location” setting matches the cardholder’s location using the primary mobile device’s GPS and the merchant’s location based on the ZIP code or city that has been setup for the merchant. The “My Region” setting is established using city, state or ZIP code on an interactive map, this option does not require you to carry your primary device at all times.

What are Controls and Alerts? What is the difference between a control and an alert?

Controls can be used to restrict transactions based on certain parameters, whereas alerts are only notifications that a transaction has been conducted or attempted. Controls facilitate the on/off CardValet setting, as well as limiting usage based on merchant type, location, or transaction amount. Alerts can be set to notify you based on the parameters you chose regarding merchant type, location, transaction amount, or you may choose to be alerted for all card transactions.

What if I lock myself out while attempting to enroll for the CardValet service?

If the requested information is entered incorrectly three (3) times your registration will be suspended for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes registration can be attempted again. If the information is entered incorrectly three (3) more times you will need to contact Ixonia Bank Customer Solutions Department at 920-262-6952 or 262-567-5295 to verify we have the correct information on file and have your registration reset.

Can multiple cards be linked to one registered CardValet account?

Yes, cardholders can register multiple Ixonia Bank debit cards within a single CardValet app. Additional cards can be added within the "Settings - Add Card" screen. Only the standard Ixonia Bank card design will appear.

If my address is longer than 20 characters – what should be entered?

Enter the first 20 characters of your street address.

What are the CardValet password requirements?

CardValet passwords must be at least eight (8) characters in length and must contain at least one (1) upper case character, one (1) lower case character, one (1) number and (1) special character.

How long does the app stay logged in if you don’t log out?

The app automatically logs you off in 10 minutes.

Are Ixonia Bank credit cards supported with CardValet?

CardValet currently only supports Ixonia Bank debit cards.

Do I need a smartphone or tablet to use CardValet?

Yes. CardValet will operate on both Android and Apple devices. It is compatible with their most recent software releases, as well as the past two generations.

Is there a charge for using the CardValet service?

CardValet is a free app that will give you the freedom of controlling when and how your card is used. Standard message and data rates may apply.

What is CardValet?

CardValet is a card management app and fraud mitigation tool for our cardholders. CardValet gives you the freedom to manage and customize your card usage and settings from the convenience of a smartphone.

Business Online Services

I am still having problems with Business Online Banking. What do I do now?

If you still encounter problems, please call our Business Services Team at 262-560-7327.

How do I get setup?

Our Business Services Team would be happy to help you get started. You may contact them at 262-560-7327 or

When will a Stop Payment request be processed?

Your Stop Payment order will be processed instantly if you are authorized on an account, and as long as it doesn't require a second authorization. Please note that the Business Services Team will still contact you for the required signature on a paper Stop Payment form, but your electronic order will still be processed. The regular stop payment fee applies.

Why do I receive an error message when I use the browser's "Back" button?

As a security precaution, the "Back" and "Forward" buttons will not allow you to navigate within Business Online Banking. To avoid this error and the need to sign back in, practice using the site's quick drop down menus to move from page to page. The session will also expire if you have been inactive for 20 minutes. This is to prevent unauthorized use of your accounts.

How can I organize my accounts on Business Online Banking?

Your accounts can be placed in an order that is best for you. In addition to giving them unique nicknames, you can group them in any number of categories. For instance by account types, names of persons responsible for different accounts, account purposes, or by any other grouping!

Which accounts can I access?

You may have access to any account within Ixonia Bank that you are authorized to use. This can be a combination of business and personal accounts, as well as different types. You may view as many or few as you choose, while another person at your company may view different or fewer accounts at your discretion.

When I log in I receive the message "Log In Information is Missing or Invalid," what does that mean?

Your Access ID and Password are case sensitive and must be entered exactly. Be sure that all characters are entered properly as upper or lowercase, and check to see if the Caps Lock key is enabled.

Do I need special software to use Business Online Banking?

No special software packages need to be installed on your computer other than a quick download for ACH transfers. Outside of that feature, the program is run entirely from a secure website. All you need is the proper internet browser, either Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox Version 44 (or higher), Google Chrome Version 44 (or higher), Apple Safari Version 9 (or higher), Opera Version 30 (or higher), and any version of Microsoft Edge.

Why do I get "locked out" if I forget my password?

To guard against fraud, if you (or an unauthorized person) try to log in with the wrong Username or password three times in a row you will be unable to log in until the password has been reset. If you can't remember it and are locked out after trying three times, we will be happy to verify your identity and reset you.

Why am I asked to change my password sometimes when I log in?

For added security, our Online Banking system will ask you to change your password every 90 days to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your valuable information.

More Questions?

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