Remote Deposit Capture* is one more tool Ixonia Bank offers to help your business run smoothly and efficiently. This secure, easy-to-use banking solution available for our commercial clients delivers:

  • Extended daily deposit deadlines
  • Hardware, Software, & User training and support
  • Faster Availability of Funds – With electronic deposits, checks can be deposited into your account sooner.
  • Convenience – Make deposits electronically 24/7 which increases efficiency for you and your staff.
  • Cost Savings – Electronic deposits can reduce trips to the bank and eliminate costly courier fees.
  • Streamlined Cash Flow – Check deposits can easily be made from any remote office or storefront. This makes it easy to consolidate deposits from multiple locations into a single bank.
  • Reduction of Risk and Fraud – Faster check clearing may allow you to act sooner on returned checks, increasing opportunities for collection. Additionally, this banking solution provides multiple layers of security including: password protection, Internet firewalls, and encryption – the highest level of security commercially available.

Remote Deposit is Ideal for Businesses Who:

  • Deposit checks daily
  • Average a high dollar value of deposits
  • Pay transportation costs to deliver deposits
  • Receive checks with large dollar amounts
  • Manage multiple store or office locations
  • Want quicker access to cash
  • Want to save time and have a more efficient way to bank

*Subject to approval.

Online Banking Details

Transactions made before 6:00PM Central Time will be applied during the current business day. Transactions made at or later than 6:00PM Central Time, on weekends, and holidays will be applied the following business day. Confirmation and transaction verification is provided.

For additional details and pricing, please contact a Commercial Banker or a member of our Business Services Team at 262-560-7327 or