Usage Costs:

Online Banking is offered at no additional cost to personal banking customers. All costs incurred from obtaining access to the Internet are the responsibility of the client.

All Information and Account Disclosures:

The account information and disclosures that you received at your account opening remain in effect. All of the bank and federal rules, restrictions, and fees will apply to all transactions that are initiated while connected to your accounts at Ixonia Bank. For additional personal account information, please see Deposit Account Rules brochure, EFT Disclosures, Regulation E, and the Truth in Savings Disclosure.

Authorization to Access Accounts:

Online Banking is a service provided solely to Ixonia Bank clients. Online Banking does not permit clients to make electronic transfers to third parties or authorize any other parties to make deposit into, or withdrawals from, your Ixonia Bank accounts. Access is limited to you as an authorized account signer, and you are responsible for your Access ID and Password. Ixonia Bank strongly suggests that you carefully protect your Password at all times. For security reasons, you will be prompted to change your password every 180 days.

As this is a private service, use of this system is restricted to authorized users. User activity is monitored and recorded by system personnel. Anyone using the system expressly consents to such monitoring and recording. If possible criminal activity is detected, system records may be provided to law enforcement officials, resulting in criminal and or civil prosecution.

Online Banking daily cut-off:

Transactions made Monday through Friday before 6:00pm CST will be applied during the current business day. Transactions made Monday through Friday after 6:00pm CST, on weekends, and Federal Holidays will be applied on the following business day.

Limitation of Liability:

Ixonia Bank is not responsible for any mistake or loss resulting from the disclosure of your User Code or Password. Any transaction performed through Online Banking by any person authorized to have access to your accounts is legally binding upon you to the same extent that such transaction could have been performed by you in person, by mail, by telephone, or other communication with the bank. In addition, Ixonia Bank is not responsible for transactions, which occur between your accounts under the following circumstances:

  • If your account does not have sufficient available funds to complete a transfer.
  • If funds in the account are subject to legal process or other restriction at any time prior to the transaction.
  • If circumstances beyond our control prevent the completion of your transaction.
  • If your Internet service or transmission is interrupted.

Account Access Option:

If you, as an Ixonia Bank customer, would like any or all of your accounts blocked from our Online Banking service, please contact us by mail or phone:

920-262-6952 or 262-567-5295

W1046 Marietta Avenue
P.O. Box 110
Ixonia, WI 53036

Your written request to deny access through Online Banking will be acted upon once received by the bank. Please see Ixonia Bank’s Privacy Policy for additional information.

Incorrect Transactions:

Contact Ixonia Bank at once if for any reason a banking transaction is not completed as expected. In the event that there has been a mistake, or if you have any questions concerning a transaction, please contact us immediately at 920-206-4357 or 262-567-5295.