Steven Board and Tom Pasch Podcast Episode


In this episode of INSIGHTS with Ixonia Bank, Tom Pasch, Ixonia Bank Vice President of Commercial Banking, sits down with Steve Board, Assistant Professor with Maranatha Baptist University’s School of Business and Director of Development.

Founded in 1968, Maranatha’s theological position and local church emphasis are, and have been, vital. Academically, regional accreditation and the wide scope of the University’s programs have offered the graduates nearly unlimited career and ministry opportunities.

Steve, who has a background in architecture and 30+ years in business, discusses how he endeavors to create meaningful relationships between the University and the local community, including Ixonia Bank.  Setting the example of servant leadership and helping contribute to a culture of service, Steve and MBU have helped graduate individuals who go on to lead and make the world a better place.

But all this doesn’t occur without obstacles. Like many education institutions, Maranatha has had to adapt to creating a safer environment for students to return to for the Fall 2020 semester.  Through the STRONGER TOGETHER initiative, they have developed strategies to minimize the risk; including reducing class sizes, adjusting cleaning and sanitation protocols, and providing other services to help take care of students and faculty.

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