INSIGHTS Photo with Dennis Sampson and Pete Pittlekow

In this episode of INSIGHTS with Ixonia Bank, Dennis Sampson, Ixonia Bank Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking, sits down with Peter Pittlekow, President of Hy-Test Safety Shoe Service, to discuss this family-owned business.

Founded in 1986, Hy-Test Safety Shoe Service is focused on providing high quality occupational footwear to employees in the manufacturing and service industries.  Hy-Test Safety Footwear has many industry firsts, including: First Steel-Toe Athletic, First Women’s Steel-Toe, First Metatarsal Guard, and First Steel-Toe Dress Shoe.

Their trade-marked SHOEMOBILE® brings their exceptional products directly to your worksite; they operate in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Upper Michigan.

With the onset of the coronavirus, Hy-Test adapted and continued to provide service to their clients in a safe and exceptional manner including sanitizing the SHOEMOBILE® multiple times daily, developing a pick up only option, as well as requiring masks for all their employees.  Their extremely experienced team is available to assist when you visit one of their showrooms or request a SHOEMOBILE® for an onsite custom fitting.

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