Our guest on this episode is Dr. Matthew Davis, CEO of Maranatha Baptist University. Dr. Davis spoke with Susan Marshall,  Ixonia Bank Board Member and Founder of the Backbone Institute, about how companies can connect with the next generation of workers. Due to many factors, young professionals today have different opportunities in front of them as compared to previous generations and are taking a different approach to their careers. With a lot of companies and industries facing a labor shortage, companies are needing to adapt to attract the best talent of workers. Listen as Dr. Matt provides some great examples about what this younger generation is looking for, including mentorship, a great workplace culture, and a purpose that serves the community.

Dr. Davis works full time as Chief Executive Officer for Maranatha Baptist University serving in leadership over all operational and academic units. Dr. Davis received a Business Management degree from Maranatha and a law degree from Southern Illinois University School of Law. You can read more about Dr. Davis here: https://www.mbu.edu/faculty/matthew-davis/

Susan A. Marshall is an author, speaker, and Founder of Backbone Institute, LLC, a private practice dedicated to improving competence, confidence and effective risk-taking. She has been assisting leaders in public and private sector industry, non-profit agencies, and public education for nearly 30 years. In recognition of her work in the local business community, she was recently recognized as a recipient of the 2019 Don Richards Leadership Award through the Waukesha County Business Alliance. You can read more about Susan Marshall here: https://susanamarshall.com/

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