Sheldon and David Lubar sat down with Patrick Lubar and Isaac Siegel to talk about their decades of experience and instilling the family business principles into the next generation. You’ll hear some of their personal stories about how they started out and formed the Lubar business approach of Professional Ownership®, which has had an influence in the Milwaukee community. Sheldon and David are well respected members of the Milwaukee business community and members of the Ixonia Bank board of directors and Ixonia Bancshares board of directors.

Sheldon Lubar is the Founder and Chairman of Lubar & Co, a multi-generational, family-owned private investment company in Milwaukee. He is the originator of Professional Ownership® and is currently a director of several public companies. You can learn more about Sheldon’s experience here: /about-us/meet-our-team/sheldon-lubar/

David Lubar is the President and CEO of Lubar & Co, and in addition to Ixonia Bank, David is a member of the Boards of many companies and is or has served on the Board of several not-for-profit community organizations. You can learn more about David’s experience here: /about-us/meet-our-team/david-lubar/

Patrick LubarVice President – Commercial Lending, and Isaac SiegelPortfolio Manager, are currently working out of our downtown Milwaukee office and you can contact them here:  /locations-hours/milwaukee/

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