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IMPORTANT: An upgrade has recently been made to Business Online Banking.

Notable enhancements with this upgrade include:

  • ‘Access ID’ has been rephrased to ‘Username’. Passwords will now be entered in the ‘Enter Password’ box to the right of the Username box.

BOB - Access ID Image

  • In the Navigation Bar, ‘Management Tools’ has been rephrased to ‘Payments & Transfers.’ ‘Account Services’ has been removed, & ‘Checks & Deposits’ has been added.

BOB - New Menu

  • ‘Contact Us,’ ‘Alerts,’ & ‘Profile’ have been added to the upper right-hand corner. Additionally, changing your password, security challenges questions, or email address will be found under ‘Profile’.

BOB - Contact Us Menu

Other enhancements include:

  • ‘Recent’ option to view ten most recent transactions from the home page.
  • ‘Download’ has been moved to the Accounts tab.
  • ‘Search Transactions’ and ‘Check Image Viewer’ have been moved to the top of the Accounts page.
  • ‘Pending’ and ‘Posted’ icons in transaction history.
  • ‘Repeat’ option for internal transfers that allows recurring transfers to be scheduled.
  • ‘Stop Payment’ has been moved to the Checks & Deposits page.

*For detailed information on these enhancements, please contact the Business Services Team for a Business Online Banking Guide.*

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Banking with Ixonia Bank means you have 24/7 access to your business accounts. With Business Online Banking you have access to these features:

  • View account balances & check images
  • Organize your accounts in a personalized site for easy viewing
  • Set security levels for each user, and review activity
  • Make your loan payments and transfer funds between banks
  • Place Stop Payment orders for checks
  • Customers can pay you without writing checks
  • Export account activity into your own software
  • NOTE: Business Online Banking is only compatible with the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Safari 10.0, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. 

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