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Ixonia, Wisconsin is located 30 miles west of Milwaukee and 45 miles east of Madison. Founded in 1846, this town is located in the heart of Jefferson County. Ixonia has a rich heritage as well as a unique name, which was originally created by drawing letters out of a hat. Many generations are proud to call Ixonia home, as evidenced by the fact that many young people have chosen to remain within the Township to raise their own families. Approximately 4,400 residents occupy this largely rural Township. Ixonia boasts many new housing developments, area parks, a large Fireman's Hall, churches, both public and parochial schools, and a thriving industrial park.


Talbot Dousman and Abraham Hardell were the driving force behind the creation of Dousman. Founded in 1817, Dousman Station (nicknamed "Bullfrog Station") was a thriving railroad depot for the 80 year period that the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad came through town. During that time, the thriving businesses on Main Street consisted of a hotel (which burnt to the ground within two years), a saloon, a blacksmith shop, and a general store that served the village residents and weary railroad travelers.

Nowadays, Dousman still honors its nickname, and is the home of the Wisconsin State Frog Jump, which takes place every summer during Dousman Derby Days. For nearly 2,300 residents, this small town located in the beautiful Kettle Moraine area is a great place to live, work, and relax. Find out more about Dousman from its own Chamber of Commerce.


The town now known as Hartland was founded by Stephen Warren in early 1838. As pioneers began farming the fertile Bark River Valley, the village soon became known as Warren. In 1842, a grist mill was built by Christian Hershey and the village was renamed Hersheyville. After the railroad came in 1854, the village was then given the name it still holds – Hartland. This name was given after the Native American word "Shabaquanake." Hartland became incorporated in 1892.
These days, Hartland is home to approximately 9,100 residents who enjoy the surrounding Lake Country environment. Find out more about the Village of Hartland from its own Chamber of Commerce.


The City of Oconomowoc has long been a vacation spot because of its relaxing, lakeside atmosphere. Known as the "Newport of the West" in the middle 1800's, Oconomowoc has made the transition from a summer destination spot to a vibrant, self sufficient community. With several industrial parks and the expansion of many of its businesses, Oconomowoc offers individuals local employment opportunities to enhance their quality of life.

The immediate Oconomowoc area has approximately 23,000 residents and boasts a variety of churches, schools, restaurants, golf courses, lodging and shopping opportunities. Find out more about the city of Oconomowoc from its own Chamber of Commerce.


In 1855, the City of Watertown was the second largest city in Wisconsin with 8,512 residents. It has a long history of hard working residents. Watertown's rich history includes staking claim to the country's first Kindergarten and one of the most unusual and impressive homes in the Midwest, the Octagon House. This progressive community is home to both public and parochial schools, a newer outdoor aquatic center, and a hospital, to name a few of the recent enhancements to the city. Now with a population of nearly 24,000, Watertown has long been considered a great place to work and live.

Find out more about the city of Watertown from its own Chamber of Commerce.

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