Our customers come first.

We’ve been in business for more than 100 years. We believe we’ve earned the right to take the long view to help customers succeed. With our roots as a stable bank, built on customer relationships, we adhere to traditional values. We believe you deserve more than typical financial products and banking services. You can expect us to treat you with the utmost integrity and respect.

A banking philosophy built around Professional Ownership.®

Unlike other banks in southeast Wisconsin, we at Ixonia Bank have the luxury to be prudent with your financial future. The philosophy of Professional Ownership, developed by Sheldon Lubar, is woven into our day-to-day operations. Because we know success doesn’t just happen overnight, we focus on the long-term. We build relationships, not transactions. And we believe the greatest returns result from mutual respect and trust.

Expert financial counsel. Proven leadership. Uncompromising character. All at higher levels.

Ixonia Bank recruits, retains and develops a unique blend of talented, well-respected financial executives committed to the long-term success of both our customers and our bank. The expertise of all our stakeholders is backed by the most prudent and ethical standards. And you have access to our accomplished leadership team and local decision-makers to support your financial goals. Not only are you assured of prompt, considerate attention, we’ll also help you open doors in this community that you never thought would be within reach.

Can you conceive of a bank that is truly built on your success?

Lots of banks want to be your partner. We can promise something more authentic. Of course, we’ll consistently and completely meet the banking expectations of our customers. We also believe that there is a bigger return to be had if you value and enjoy working with us. At Ixonia Bank, you’ll benefit from the individual financial acumen and professionalism found throughout the organization. Compounded by the genuine empathy we extend to every customer.

Bank with a champion.

We pledge to stand by these statements and continuously fulfill the promises we make. In all of southeastern Wisconsin, Ixonia Bank is the champion of the highest customer-centric standards, and supportive advisor to our customers and advocates.