Kelly Renz on INSIGHTS Podcast


Did you know Emotional Intelligence (EQ) accounts for 60% of our overall job performance?  In contrast to our IQ – how smart we are, and our personality – which is hard-wired, EQ is the one thing we can develop and grow our entire lives.

As a business leader and professional, you have a critical role in helping others navigate through uncertainty. Use EQ to help. Jan Britt, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer with Ixonia Bank, sits down with Kelly Renz, CEO of inVantage and Professional EOS® Implementer, who shares with us:

  • A quick review of the four EQ skills to develop common language and understanding
  • Why developing our EQ benefits career development, advancement and why some leaders thrive while others derail
  • What you can do to accelerate your EQ growth now

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