For this week’s episode, Lauren Ruff, Assistant Vice President and Marketing Director with Ixonia Bank sits down with Matt Spransy, the organizer behind the locally-renowned Magic Mansion Concert on the Porch events.  He is taking his winning formula for producing music events to create the family-friendly Twilight Concert Series at Fowler Park.  We learn from Matt why he does these events,  his hopes for how they can further put Oconomowoc on the map, and how much the musicians LOVE performing here.

In this episode, he shares some tracks featuring Josh Caterer & The Jackson Mud Band. Josh sings with his band both original and classic scorching blues with golden throated vocals and killer guitar chops. Josh Caterer is also a member of the Smoking Popes, who appeared on the movie soundtracks “Clueless”, Tommy Boy”, and “Angus,” opened for Green Day and Weezer, toured with Jimmy Eat World, and Morrisey.  Josh says “I see Jackson Mud as a natural progression from the Smoking Popes. When the teen angst of punk rock grows up, it turns into the blues.”

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You can see Josh Caterer and the Jackson Mud Band in person on Sunday, July 11, at 6:30PM at Fowler Park.  Make sure to bring your own chairs and blankets, and bring your own drinks and food.

If interested in attending Twilight Concerts @ Fowler Park, visit or follow on Facebook at

Unable to make it July 11th?  Matt also has lined up Jason Eskridge for Sunday, August 8 at 6:30PM.  When he’s not touring with the Zack Brown Band or Lyle Lovett, or being on call as one of the top session singers in Nashville, Jason does a thing called Sunday Night Soul with some of his session player friends down in Nashville. A typical Sunday Night Soul show features a wide array of soul, funk and R&B. The end-of-the-night jams can go on for 10 minutes or more, with smoldering grooves undergirding spiraling solos and improvisation, all spiked with familiar riffs and melodies from Motown, Stax and Muscle Shoals. Now he is bringing Sunday Night Soul to Oconomowoc! DON’T MISS IT!

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