Well known in the Metro Milwaukee area for being an active member of the local business and hospitality industry, Omar Shaikh spent some time recently chatting with Patrick Lubar, Vice President of Commercial Banking at Ixonia Bank. Omar owns and operates award-winning restaurant Carnevor, one of the top-rated steakhouses in Wisconsin, and is partner in other enterprises.  But, he also has a passion for moving the city of Milwaukee forward through his active involvement in the community. He currently serves as board chairman of VISIT Milwaukee, and is a member of the Wisconsin Center District board of directors.

In this episode we learn how Omar has used his skills to connect with people no matter their status and develop meaningful relationships. He is looking ahead to transforming Milwaukee into a destination city complete with a new Conference Center and the development of The Avenue, among other projects.  Milwaukee has an exciting future and Ixonia Bank is excited to partner with Omar and others to help grow it.

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To learn more about Omar, you can visit his website at https://www.omarmke.com/ or connect with him on Twitter @OmarMKE1

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