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A recap of the insights Tina Chang shared at Ixonia Bank's recent Women in Business Speakers Series event titled "Women Driving Innovation." 

In this content piece provided by Wendy Baumann, President and Chief Visionary Officer of The Wisconsin Women's Business Corporation (WWBIC), discover your "why" and use it to achieve your business goals. (PDF)

Investing the time to become a certified Women-Owned Small Business can help your company pursue new business opportunities. Most public corporations as well as local, state, and federal government purchasing agencies have programs for allotting a certain percentage of business to women-owned companies. 

This 30-minute video course provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is designed to provide an overview of federal contract procedures and describe how to sell to the government. 

Through SCORE, you can get free business advice from volunteer experts who have experience in your industry. There are also a number of workshops available through each chapter of SCORE.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has a number of programs and resources to help businesses access additional capital, including minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses.

Business Insights Video Library

When you partner with Ixonia Bank, you can expect to have access to local decision-makers and connections with well-respected leaders and experts. Are you interested in more information on how Ixonia Bank can help your business succeed? Or do you have something you want to learn more about? Let us know!

Sheldon Lubar (Speaker Bio)

Sheldon discusses the key ingredients to buying and owning a business, which includes having the right mix of capital and debt, and a great team.


Margaretta Noonan (Speaker Bio)

Margaretta shares her thoughts on how careers have changed for women and the essentials an entrepreneur needs to succeed.


Beth Wnuk (Speaker Bio)

Beth shares a few insights on why you should develop your networks, and why identifying your strengths & weaknesses can help make you a confident leader.

Sheldon Lubar (Speaker Bio)

"Change is the only certainty there is," says Sheldon.  How your business copes with change is directly-correlated to the long-term success of the business.


Dave Bauer (Speaker Bio)

Dave draws on his extensive background in the acquisition process to offer valuable tips to businesses looking to purchase or sell a business.


Bill Read (Speaker Bio)

Companies of any size can evaluate their existing products and services, as well as their customers, to identify growth opportunities, states Bill.

Vince Shiely (Speaker Bio)

"Going LEAN" isn't just for manufacturing. Vince shares his thoughts on eliminating waste and inefficiencies in all areas of a business, no matter what size and industry.


Beth Wnuk (Speaker Bio)

Beth shares her insights on how the concept of Design Thinking is cost effective and can improve the R&D process in small-to-medium size businesses.


Will Ruch (Speaker Bio)

Companies need to ensure their employees are engaged and aligned to an organization’s internal brand, states Will.  If that happens, success will follow.

Bill Read (Speaker Bio)

Utilize financial modeling to quantify costs & benefits of your growth strategy to help your company achieve its objectives. Bill explains more in this short video.


Vince Shiely (Speaker Bio)

When was the last time you reviewed your business strategy? Vince explains the necessity of an up-to-date strategy, & why it shouldn't focus solely on competitors. 


Dave Bauer (Speaker Bio)

Risk Management is vital for any business's success. In this video, Dave talks about what areas of risk companies should think about on a regular basis. 

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