Instant Balance

Staying on top of your accounts has never been easier.

When it comes to managing money for tuition, books or back-to-school shopping, feeling empowered is key. Instant Balance within the Ixonia Bank Mobile Banking app puts you in control. Quickly and easily check up to six account balances at the touch of a button, all without logging in. Both parents and students can feel financially confident to view account balances and transfer money in an instant.

Instant Balance gives you secure access to your account(s) balance without logging into the mobile app. This gives you access to what you need, quickly. Whether you’re ready to make a purchase, paying bills or keeping track of your account, Instant Balance makes it easy.

Getting started is easy. Simply follow these instructions to enable Instant Balance:

  • Update your Ixonia Bank Mobile Banking App to the latest version
  • Log into Mobile Banking app, and select "More" from the bottom menu.
  • Select "Instant Balance Settings."
  • Slide the “Instant Balance” button to green
  • Choose the account balance(s) you want to view (you can choose up to six)
  • Tap “Save” to update your settings

To view your balances:

  • After setup, view your balances by tapping on the Instant Balance icon on the login screen.

Make sure you have ‘Save ID’ on. The Instant Balance icon will thereafter appear at the top of the login screen.  You can also always access it in the More section once you are logged on.

For your convenience, you can follow the below screenshots for reference.

IB MB More Menu

1) When enabling Instant Balance, you can find
the feature under the “More” section.


IB MB Instant Balance Settings

2) Turn on Instant Balance and select the 
accounts you would like to view.

IB MB Instant Balance Login Screen

3) On the home screen, you can access Instant Balance by tapping the icon at the top of the screen.


IB MB Instant Balance

4) After tapping the icon, your balances will
show up over the login screen.



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